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By Mark Bradman, the Programme & Marketing Coordinator for the Essentially Men Education Trust:

Anger as an Energy

Carrying The Weight… A Metaphor

Dealing With Grief

I Am Just Not Needy Enough

Male Isolation

Managing Anger

Men and Suicide

Over 50yo Men Count Too

Why Men Need Men’s Groups

By Other Authors:

Essentially Men from a Counselling Perspective
Steven Dromgool, Founder of REST Counselling in Auckland

How Essentially Men has helped my family and my clients
Verity Thom, Auckland Psychologist

Oy Vey! My Child Is Gay!
Noa Gross, Pyschodrama & Art Therapist, Melbourne Australia

What to look for in a Therapist
Brett George, Consultant Psychologist, Counsellor, Trainer & Supervisor

Why Counsellors Attend the Essentially Men Workshop
Anne Bailey, International Facilitator, Educator and Author