A transformational approach to personal and social development

Co-counselling is a personal development system that confronts limiting behaviour at its deepest level. Working in peer relationships with others it enables us to heal hurts from the past, build on our present strengths, and live into emerging potentials.

In a nutshell – free therapy for life!

Learning to Co-counsel means learning a series of simple techniques over a 40 hour training that allows us to work with our feelings rather than talk about or suppress them. It provides a clear theoretical and skills base for completing unfinished business from the past that is affecting how we operate in our current relationships. It helps to restructure outdated beliefs and create chosen futures.

The programme is for anyone wanting to develop themselves personally and socially and is particularly useful for people who want to promote co-operative, peer ways of working with others, such as facilitators, leaders, managers, counsellors and trainers and teachers.

The programme focuses on the development of emotional competence. It keeps us clear of unaware distress so that we meet others from a position of clarity, generosity, ease, creativity and delight. It is valuable for anyone who wants to interact in a genuinely facilitative way with their own process, their family, and their community and work colleagues.

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