Co-counselling Network

Once you have completed a forty-hour Co-counselling training and attended a ‘meet the network’ event you are eligible to join Co-counselling International and attend peer Co-counselling events and advanced trainings.

There are Co-counselling networks in New Zealand, Britain, Scotland, Ireland, Hungary, Germany, Holland and the United States, and a number of websites supporting the work. (see links)

Co-counselling is primarily practiced in pairs or small groups, in people’s homes or other suitable venues. A Co-counselling session can be any length of time (say 30 – 60 minutes each way) and is always two way; meaning time is divided equally with each person taking a turn at being the client and counsellor in any one session.

In Auckland and Wellington there are regular weekly and monthly peer groups, community building and business meetings, supporting people using Co-counselling as a personal development tool. There are also small networks in the Coromandel and Waikato districts and Christchurch.

There are regular summer and winter national peer created Co-counselling gatherings held in central North Island where participants gather to offer and receive workshops, work together with the tools and generally have a good time. There are also occasional teacher led advanced workshops learning techniques and skills for advanced Co-counselling. And every three years New Zealand hosts an international Co-counselling gathering enthusiastically attended by Co-counsellors from the US and Europe.

Click through to Anne Bailey’s Cooperacy website for more information