How does Co-counselling Work?

How does Co-counselling work? Theories about why and how Co-counselling works are perhaps not as important as the fact that it does work!

You gain access to more of your potential by learning to explore and then release suppressed feelings that make you behave in ‘patterned’ ways. This is followed by frequently astonishing clarity with which the now distress free adult can re-assess the situation which seemed to be defeating them, and reclaim their power to act rationally within it.

This work involves more than just thinking through and talking about issues. It involves emotional and physical processes. Co-counselling recognises that we cannot separate what goes on in our minds from our bodies.

We learn to keep clear of unaware and disabling distress, so that when we attend to others, we come from a position of clarity, generosity, ease, creativity and delight.

Co-counselling empowers us to take charge of our own development and not be dependent on others. It teaches effective self-management, encourages the development of the individual, and can help build strong communities of men and women. It provides an excellent framework within which to incorporate other counselling and therapeutic modalities.

Because it is based on an ethos of self-directed liberation work with the aware attention and support of others Co-counselling is only suitable for adequately functioning people. It is not appropriate for those in severely emotionally sunken states and on strong mood altering medication to the extent they are unable to give free attention to another person.

Completing the training gives you access to participating in the Co-counselling network in Auckland, New Zealand and internationally.

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