The Crucible – Developing Self Authority

The Crucible is Essentially Men’s five day training and personal development retreat for men.

Living Your Presence and Purpose as a Man

This workshop is for men stepping forward into new roles and transitions in life, taking on new responsibilities in their careers and/or their communities (be it through association with clubs, schools, charitable organisations, and their professional working lives).

Increased visibility and pressure can draw attention to our ‘edges’, our ‘less complimentary’ traits and behaviours, that might otherwise have remained inconsequential or nor been as evident. Leadership calls on us to ‘up our game’ to ensure our technical skills are matched by our ability to build and maintain relationships with others whose lives we affect.

This programme isn’t about you not being a competent and able man already. It is about you preparing yourself for your next step in life by helping you make yourself even more effective in dealing with people and challenging situations.

Within this landscape, The Crucible is a personalised programme focused around what ‘edges’ each man brings into the cauldron for exploration. It calls men to step forward into the arena to give expression to what is alive in them, as well as to actively support other men in their exploration.

Working in connection with a powerful and heart-centred group of men, this programme supports men making a contribution to something larger than ourselves by enhancing their ability to lead others while nurturing their heart-inspired contribution, purpose in life, and self-authority.

What is a Crucible?

In a literal sense, the word Crucible refers to a container in which metals or other substances are melted under high heat to create a new substance or alloy, or to purify a substance by bringing the dross to the surface.

Metaphorically, The Crucible is a powerful transformative programme to develop leadership and sovereignty by bringing our own ‘dross’ to the surface so that we can become stronger and more effective ourselves.

Expect to develop:

  • Ability to lead from a place of presence with yourself and others.
  • Skills that enhance facilitation, leadership, co-enquiry and co-creation.
  • Clear thinking about group functioning and evolving group norms.
  • Capacity to work with intuition, story and body wisdom.
  • The art of living in the unknown and being in transition.
  • Stronger alignment with your purpose.
  • Ability to stand in the world as a man with heart and courage and authority.
  • Your ability to be playful and spontaneous.

Who will benefit?

The Crucible will be of benefit to all men who want to enhance their effective functioning with other people in their life and work situations. It will support leadership functioning in therapeutic, educational, organisational, community and family settings. It is suitable for men with previous experience and confidence in being in a group and working on themselves.

How it works

Your workshop facilitators will bring experience in ways of working such as: use of story, social change catalyst with collaborative group work, inner journey, bodywork, ritual, action methods, expressive therapies, shadow work and deep listening. You will bring to this mix your own experience and ways of working.

We will be hands on with our own and other men’s process. We learn how to work with men by putting ourselves forward and really getting alongside each other. You will be involved in experiential group work involving learning with cycles of practice and reflection. At times, the facilitators will lead the group in the work, informed by the emerging motivations and group dynamics. At other times group members will be taking initiative to progress their own and each others’ developmental work with support from the facilitators.

Prerequisite: Previous experience in group work
Venue: A workshop facility in beautiful bush setting, Waitakere Ranges Auckland.
Fee: Includes meals and accommodation. Payment plans and some subsidised places available.

The fee structure is as follows:

      1. $1,195: Full Price
      2. $1,095: Early Bird Price (if paid by 16 April 2017)
      3. $250: Deposit


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