Enlivening Your Mens Group – Introduction

Men Being Real… Being Connected… Staying Connected…

This resource is intended to provide tips, techniques and principles which support men’s groups.

This resource was developed by Haydn Staples based on his experience in EM69 offered by Essentially Men Education Trust (EMET) and other resources, and Andrew Duncan, a group therapist and long time participant in a men’s group, who brings a perspective from outside Essentially Men (EM). The resource has been developed in consultation with other leaders in EM.

This material was initiated by Haydn when he took up a challenge to present a session on “Men’s Groups Going Deeper” at an EM Men’s Development Day in 2011. In 2013, he asked Andrew to get involved in the further development of this document.

Following on from that initiative, this resource is oriented towards men’s groups that want to keep challenging themself to go deeper. We wanted to pass on the benefit of authoritative research and clear guidelines i.e  If you follow these guidelines you will give your group a good shot at going deeper if that is what you want to do.

As surely as there are other ways for a group to go deeper, some of the strategies in this resource may help your group to achieve your common goals, be they companionship, or any other commonly shared reasons for being together.

The document uses hyperlinks to allow people to pursue in depth where they want to. Including links to other websites. Click the following link to the take you to the main page of the Enlivening Your Men’s Group information.