"I discovered creative tools to express another side of me and release its potential."

"Reborn, reinvented, life changing, energised. - ME finally. Uncovered. Out of the shadow. 40 Years in the making! This is ME!"

"I touched my fun and spontaneity which has been asleep for years"

Essence of Men

Extend your experience of the Essentially Men weekend workshop

This remarkable 5 day residential retreat for men is a skilfully structured journey designed to extend the experience of the ground breaking Essentially Men weekend workshop. It guides you into a deeper relatoinship with who you really are and places you, as a man, ihto the world of men living with their lives being REAL. Men who have completed a programme of similar depth to the Essentially Men weekend workshop are welcome to attend.

Come home to yourself

Essence of Men honours the often unseen tension between the longings at the core of or being and the way we currently live out lives. It offers an experience most men hunger for without realising. This is a rare initiation opportunity the likes of which seldom comes to us in a lifetime. Until now.

7 reasons why you should come on this retreat

  1. Experience a profoundly honouring rite of passage into manhood
  2. Navigate your current transition
  3. Discover the sacred and healing well of men’s wisdom
  4. Take responsibility for your life so that the world can meet you
  5. Live in touch with your heart and intuition
  6. Be fully present in relationship with your loved ones
  7. Explore the deepest themes that define us as men

The language of archetypes and the soul

In Essence of Men you will take your self listening skills to another level and integrate the latent powers of your shadow side. We extend the language of emotion and continue to turn our attention inwards through the language of imagination using metaphor, story, symbol, intuition, poetry and sacred space. This work is bound to extend your sense of what is possible in your life.

Just as there are personal metaphors that inform your life, there are shared metaphors that are common to men. These are archetypes which can be thought of as deep organising structures of your psyche.; You will awaken connection with a number of these masculine archetypes and learn ways to integrate and ground the energy to support your life. The inspiring processes enable you to focus and navigate your intentions into reality.

Give yourself this breathing space to gently close the gap between who people “think” you are and who you really are at the deepest level. Slow down, turn inwards and connect deeply with your inner wisdom and strength.

Prerequisite: Previous experience in group work
Venue: A workshop facility in beautiful bush setting, Waitakere Ranges Auckland.
Fee: Includes meals and accommodation. Payment plans and some subsidised places available.

The fee structure is as follows:

      1. $1,195: Full Price
      2. $   995: Early Bird Price (if paid by 25 August 2018)
      3. $250: Deposit


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