Essentially Men Network

Continued support, friendship and enquiry
The Essentially Men weekend is the doorway to a lot more for those that choose it. It is a way to participate in a diverse network of men who are improving their lives and those of the people around them by continued support, friendship and enquiry into what it is to be a man. The network is strongest in the Auckland region and has local links in many other New Zealand Regions.

Keeping the connections alive and vibrant
Following the weekend there is an integration group running over 5 or 6 weeks that most participants choose to be part of. This sets the ground for these men to establish on-going peer-led men’s groups or friendship networks that often continue for years. Men become part of the Essentially Men network and are kept in touch with other activities of interest by a regular newsletter.

Running Men by Liam Davidson

Essentially Men Online
Another way for men in the Essentially Men network to keep in touch is the Essentially Men in-house social networking site EMOnline. Membership is open to any man or young man who has attended the Essentially Men weekend workshop, Pathways to Manhood or Get Off the Concrete. Apply for membership at the site.

Sexual Diversity Men’s Group
The network also contains an open men’s group for those who relate to a diverse sexual identity or orientation. Held on a fortnightly basis, the purpose is to offer a safe space of inclusion and acceptance, while holding to the same principles as other Essentially Men men’s groups.

Further events to develop yourself and community
To support the growth and development of the men’s groups there are occasional community building days focused on developing the work. There are advanced workshops such as the five-day Co Counselling training and a five-day residential event in the winter called Essence of Men, which is the stage-two of Essentially Men. There is an annual four-day Summer gathering called Get off the Concrete, for men in the network to further build connection and involve their sons and other young men. There is the annual Pathways Programme, a five day outdoor event for men to bring along 14-15 year old sons/family members to co create a rites of passage event.

Receive more by giving back
For men who want to offer something back to the community to support other men there are ways to become involved in service. They can become part of theService Team for one of the Essentially Men workshops. Men can train to be a part of the Big Buddy Mentoring scheme where they spend a few hours per week being a mentor to a boy who otherwise would have no significant contact with an adult man.

For more information about any of these service options, check the relevant pages on this website or contact the Essentially Men Hub ph. +64 9 376 2386 or,