Essentially Men / Men Being Real Workshop

Positive Change and Renewal

For over 25 years thousands of men from all over New Zealand – and Australia – have found this outstanding programme a powerful catalyst for renewal and change. It’s your opportunity to walk through a weekend gateway and hear real men in community speak from the heart.

7 reasons why it makes sense:

1. Keep your life on track with a whole new set of skills.
2. Improve your ability to express feelings and relate to loved ones.
3. Expand your sense of self and inner direction.
4. Learn how to break patterns that are holding you back.
5. Feel valued, honoured and understood.
6. Develop confidence and self acceptance in navigating change and transition.
7. Become a better partner, lover, parent, friend, and man.

You’ll feel safe, discover trust with men and be empowered to communicate on an authentic level.

Who attends?

Essentially Men provides help and growth for men of all ages – for younger men making their way in the world, midlife men in transition, and older men moving to the next stage of their life. The programme works for men at beginning, intermediate or advanced levels of personal growth experience.

The Essentially Men weekend workshop is a safe place for men of diverse ethnic or spiritual backgrounds, or sexual orientation to communicate on an authentic valued level.

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