Rex McCann

Rex McCann is well known and widely respected for his work in the area of men’s awareness in New Zealand and Australia. He has had twenty years of active experience in men’s groups and regularly attends men’s conferences in the U.S. and Australia, connecting with broader international influences.

He is author of “Fatherless Sons – the Stories of New Zealand men”, which examines men’s relationship with their fathers and the place of fathers in society. It has been published in Australia under the title “On Their Own – Men Growing Up Under Fathered”.

Rex McCann

Rex is a facilitator, researcher and author who has experienced working with men from many walks of life, including working with men in prisons for five years. He has a Masters degree in Social Ecology at UWS Hawkesbury (University of Western Sydney), and five years training in psychodrama. Rex is the current Director of Essentially Men.

In the past he has worked as a hunter, a political activist, a teacher in Rudolf Steiner education, and a director of street theatre. He is the founder the Essentially Men Education Trust, the NZ Men’s Leadership Gathering and a co founder of the NZ Heart Politics Gathering.

Currently working as a group facilitator and social change catalyst, he speaks at conferences and workshops and conducts training on issues to do with boys and men and the wider community, and co-leads gender healing events for men and women.