What is it to be a man?

Sometimes in the cycle of living, loving and just plain surviving we men can lose ourselves. Many men say they feel uncertain about what it means to be a man today and can feel cut off from their feelings or lack a sense of meaning in their lives.

We’re called upon to be providers, protectors and achievers and at the same time loving, emotionally open and available. But from time to time we feel like we are running on empty. Career changes, dull routine, and difficult life events may leave us feeling disconnected or alone.

Men Being Real

The first step in gaining new inner direction is to create a safe place for men to explore their identity. And that’s an epic journey of discovery that all men must travel. And this journey of growth of men is a journey inwards.

You may recognise below some of the issues which repeatedly arise for men:

  • Isolation and competitiveness.
  • Loneliness and lack of friendship with other men.
  • Numbness to your own feelings and difficulty in developing intimacy.
  • Emotional over-dependence on women.
  • Lack of positive masculine identity.
  • An un-nameable sense of loss due to the absence of fathering.
  • Cycles of control, depression, frustration and inappropriate expressions of anger.
  • Challenges in relationship and family life.
  • Questions of who am I and where am I going with my life? – especially in relation to midlife transitions.

Learn more about how we explore these issues on our weekend workshop for men.

Our events support you to break isolation and connect more fully to your identity as a man. In doing so you will become more available to your families, loved ones and communities, and more in touch with your purpose. You will become a better, partner, lover, father, friend and man.

More about the Essentially Men weekend workshop…

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