Integration Groups

Anchoring in the learning and growth of men

Following the weekend workshop you’ll be invited to attend what is called an integration group.

The integration group allows you to share your experiences with men from the course for one evening a week over a period of 5 or 6 weeks.  The insights and growth you gain on the weekend are often huge and we’ve consistently found that men who attend these follow up go on to make the insights a long term change for the better in their daily lives and relationships with partners, kids and other men.

This programme is facilitated by men from the Essentially Men network. Participants of the weekend workshop can attend the integration group at no extra charge because it is fully included in the weekend workshop fee.

Supporting the changes

Integration will help you to:

  • Awaken to your full sense of self without having to conform
  • Improve your ability to relate to loved ones and express feelings
  • Integrate the learning and experiences of the weekend into everyday life.
  • Support any changes you wish to make in your life’s direction.
  • Develop the skills and roles for operating effectively in a men’s group.
  • Deepen friendships and connections with other likeminded men and grow an ongoing support system.
  • Enjoy an ease in offering meaningful help to men in need of support

Valuing your uniqueness

You’ll become skilled in the practices of listening to others and sharing yourself. This develops your ability in the art of real communication, and giving and receiving support, which means a richer life for ourselves and those we love. The deeper sharing also means you are more likely to value your own uniqueness without having to hide it.

The men’s groups that are established operate independently and provide their own leadership and set their own direction and culture. However they are united by the purpose of men focusing on what is going on inside them and their lives.

This differentiates them from most other men’s groups, which are based on such things as hobbies, sports, business, service clubs which can sometimes operate within the narrow limitations of male conditioning where the real you may be unheard or under pressure to conform to group behaviour.

The starting point is the Essentially Men weekend workshop…

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