Exceptional and consistent tributes to the power of our Essentially Men weekend workshop

“It opened a door that I thought was permanently locked – a door to a more fulfilled life.”  – EM64

“No university will ever teach you what you learn here, but you must learn this to be a man.”   –  EM63

“One mind altering course that’s shown me more about myself than I could believe.”                       –  EM64

“The most amazing experience of my life. To witness the change in myself and the men around me left me in a state of awe.”  –  EM69

“It was an assault course for the heart and spirit. It leaves you with the feel of muscles flexed.”    –   EM50

“We get a mental workout with our job, a physical workout from sport; – rarely do we get a great emotional workout!”   –  EM50

A truly wonderful mind-blowing expansive course; should be compulsory for all fathers”   – EM 49

“Quite simply one of the most profound experiences of my life” –  EM46

“The amazing effect on me and my relationship with others has to be experienced to be believed. Beyond doubt the best thing I have ever done for myself and my loved ones” – EM45

“It’s easy for a man to do life all alone without sensing his need to share his burden. This has been man’s tragedy.”    –   EM45

“EM is about discovery – and it takes a brave man to discover himself”   EM45

“Recommended for every man as a birthday present!!!      EM44

“It was so different from what I expected – I’m glad I gave myself permission to explore me”   EM42

“That feeling deep down inside, is your yearning for “real” contact. This course is the door.”     EM 43

“I felt like an explorer travelling inwards to the core of my being and finding myself”  EM42


Men said it! This unique feedback comes straight from the heart of Kiwi men, like you, participating in a world-class men’s programme. Join us on your own personal  journey to a new way of being in the world.