Heartbeat – Men’s Midwinter Gathering

Heartbeat is like a fireside chat during winter in the hearth of good men.

It’s a men’s gathering that takes place over one weekend in winter in a retreat centre on the outskirts of the Waitakere Ranges.

The idea for a winter fireside conversation arose when men at the annual summer gathering Get Off The Concrete (GOTC) recognised the need to reconnect with each other in a relaxed, creative community during winter.

Winter, traditionally being the season of hibernation, naturally leads us to spend more time ‘inside’. This is often mirrored in our emotional world, a time when we become more introspective and can feel cut-off from the rest of the world, perhaps even isolated.

Heartbeat is like a large Men’s Group meeting in a soulful way to foster connections, deepen community, share dreams and visions, reflecting together on the challenges and triumphs of our lives.

Here’s a poem a man wrote spontaneously during one of our recent ‘gatherings’ that perhaps expresses one of the purposes of this event:

“I cannot live without You,
At least not in the way that I would want to live.
And it’s not because I am lacking in any way
In who I am alone.
It’s because we’re all lacking in some way
Without what we can only receive from one another.”

All men who are part of the EM network or who have experienced personal development with men in groups are welcome at this event.

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