Men Said It

Our Essentially Men / Men Being Real weekend workshop has been running for over 25 years with exceptional and consistent tributes to its power to transform men’s lives.
Unexpected! Emotionally charged! Simply delightful! It will take you to the very edge, then bring you safely home. – EM106 “I’ve since experienced a significant & powerful reconnection with my wife and children, having more meaningful conversations with her than for months prior. I cannot recommend this course highly enough” – EM105“I couldn’t have possibly imagined how enlightening this program would be for me. This will be one of the most pivotal moments in my life. I now feel empowered to be the true man & father I know I am” – EM104

“What a fantastic, life-changing weekend. Your team is magnificent, they facilitated a very professional well-organised course that impacted every man in the room.” – EM103 “The course blew me away without trying. I am a better person for having attended. I see other men as people to be engaged with rather than feared or intimidated by.” – EM102“A truly humbling, powerful experience. It was amazing to see the change in everyone after 2 1/2 days. New Men. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” – EM101
“The sense of acceptance by other men; The release of anger and isolated posture; Coming home and my wife saying – You are all fresh faced and boy-like. Thank you for your generosity and awesome support.” – EM100 “I arrived on Friday night with a closed mind and no expectation on what I was getting myself into. After the weekend I felt that it was the best thing a man can do to regain focus, drive and passion in your life.” – EM99“I came here to save my marriage. I discovered that before I could do that I need to save myself first. The design of the course & how it built up was fantastic. I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to come & grow.” – EM98
“The biggest gift from the weekend was friendship. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have opened my eyes to what is truly important in my life, and given me connections that I know will be with me for life.” – EM97 “I achieved an inner peace that I have been longing for. I also cleared some issues I was carrying. It was valuable meeting men who were prepared to open themselves up.” – EM96“Oh man, go on this course. I learnt to look openly at myself and found feelings I didn’t know I had. I found and dealt with guilt I didn’t know I had. Wow! It was just wonderful to find myself.” – EM95

This is just a small sample of the feedback we receive following each workshop since the programme’s inception in 1991.
“This course was the foundation and break through towards re-connecting and deepen the relationship with my father and better understand myself as a man.” – EM94 “What an amazing experience and what an exceptional group of men. The kindness and understanding they showed was incredible. To experience the emotions we often trap inside us really teaches you skills for life.” – EM93“After searching for answers, I never really found (them) and inner strength until now. I would recommend this to any sort of man to the strongest, staunch type to the men that hide, you’ll be surprised by what you may find.” – EM92
“I expected you to ‘fix’ my anger. You instead made me realise I was not an angry man. The anger was the cry for help for what lay underneath” – EM91 “I have no regrets from the decision to attend Men Being Real except that I didn’t do it 30 years ago! or even 1 year ago! ” – EM90“A journey of discovery that will change your life & the people around you!! See yourself & people through new eyes.” – EM89
“This would be one of most exciting journeys I have ever taken. Highly recommend it. Come in with an open mind and believe in what you are there for.” – EM88 “I’m a true believer in that two heads are better than one, a large group of hungry progressive supportive men is got to be a great way forward.” – EM87“I found myself getting challenged more and more throughout the weekend and learnt more about myself than I have ever known. I look forward to continuing this after the course.” – EM86

This unique feedback comes straight from the heart of Kiwi men, like you, who believed it was possible to be a better man.
“It pushed my limits and boundaries to uncomfortable levels, but holding on to the end paid its dividends.” – EM85 “EM has helped centre me and make my relationships with my family, friends and colleagues better and more truthful.” – EM84“You spent years learning about things that didn’t interest you.  Why wouldn’t you spend days learning about yourself?” – EM83
“I cannot express in words what power you have given me, nor how thankful I am.  My family, partner & kids thank you for helping them get the man/father they wanted and deserved.” – EM82 “I had been like walking in a coma my whole life. The whole course was like an initiation process into manhood. It’s awakened me to Life!!” – EM81“A programme that challenged my learning agility beyond what I thought I was capable. A life changing transformational in 3 days. Wish I had done it 20 years ago. Unreservedly recommended. Thank you!” – EM80
“If you are ready/need for personal growth in your life, then you simply must go to EM.  It’s a game changer.” – EM79 “I have done a lot of personal growth courses but nothing reached the core of my emotional being like this.” – EM78“I came to the course to try to save my marriage.  I left the course with a feeling that I had saved my life.” – EM77

Many of the comments are quite similar, while others quite unique – reflecting the similarities and diversity of the men that attend this course.
“The opening revealed how open minded I would need to be for the events of the weekend. Clearly this was not going to be the PowerPoint presentation weekend I’d expected. Through the weekend, pieces fall into place until you’re not the same person that arrived.” – EM76 “I came along for one reason, to support my son, I found another reason to be on the program. It opened my heart and repaired it. The process reconnected my head, heart and soul back into a whole person who can now be authentically real & strong without the façade.” – EM75“I was doubtful that EM74 would really help me. I expected no more than to be able to get some ideas to help me work with groups of boys. What I got was a spiritual shift the likes of which I have never experienced, and I’m hungry for more of that!” – EM74
“The world is a tough place, EM gives you the tolls to make your way through it. Every man should do this course” – EM73 “Life changing. Quite simply the most powerful and influential weekend of my life so far.” – EM72“The most powerful course I have ever been on – in my life. Even after 25 years with the world’s largest and most successful corporates. Do it!” – EM71
“Essentially Men will no doubt be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I feel more confident, have more self-belief than ever before, and feel ready to take my life to the next level.” – EM70 “The most amazing experience of my life. To witness the change in myself and the men around me left me in a state of awe.” – EM69

“It opened a door that I thought was permanently locked – a door to a more fulfilled life.” – EM64 “No university will ever teach you what you learn here, but you must learn this to be a man.” – EM63

Join us on our next weekend journey to add your own personal experience to the many thousands of men who have uncovered new vitality in their lives.

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