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Holding Heart Connection

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We regularly hear from women wanting to experience something of the flavour of what their male partners have experienced through the Essentially Men weekend. Such enquiries have directly spawned this special event.

EM acknowledges the value of women and men sharing of themselves in deep and respectful ways and it is not our purpose to direct women within men’s work.

This single-day event is an opportunity for men and women to be in relationship with each other within the culture of EM and is open to both men and women with or without partners.


What's covered
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We will find ways to connect together, hearing behind the words of men and women to understand what it is that we want for ourselves and for others. We will create a safe space in which to trust others. We invite you to speak your truth in this space.


Who's it for?
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Have you wanted to be seen and see the beauty of the human heart unfold in the presence of your companions?

Do you wish to be understood and understand the simple offering of being held in a profound space of consenting men and women open to seeing and hearing what you hold most dear and wish to share?

Women, have you ever sought to be in relationship with men being real; sharing and hearing the hearts of imperfect men looking to express more deeply their true selves?

Men, this is an opportunity to develop further your ability to share deeply of yourselves in the presence of both women and men.


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Participants said it…



  • “Phew! What a day! I might have been experienced in men’s work, yet definitely out of my comfort zone within a co-gender setting. I connected with my inner Mother Wound and became aware of my fear of women. Hearing women sharing within the safety of EM Agreements/Culture helped me to feel safe and open to receiving what they brought forward. I need more of this work. Thoroughly recommend.”

  • “These circles of men and women are vital for healing cross-gender wounding. A number of men and women in the circle opened their bellies and revealed deep vulnerability, being hurt by others and also hurting those we love. I
    will support the growth  of sharing circles for men and women for the purpose of deepening the emotional and spiritual  connection between men and women so that our children can play more happily and safely in our midst, strengthening our families communities and our nation.”



  • “I wanted to touch base and thank you again for the most remarkable, beautiful, rich and deep experiences. Such skilled facilitation and I for one, felt so held and nurtured, being held with such capacity by all of you wonderful heart-filled men…..thank you…”

  • “For me, this day had the feeling of something incredibly important, not just for me and my partner, but for our wider families and friends, our communities, and the world at this time.  It seems so simple, to bring men and women into the same room together with the intention of connecting from a heart space, and the experience showed me how infrequently I truly do this.  It showed me the power of the heart, the depth and diversity of my fellow beings, and the potential for healing that this kind of day has.”

  • “I felt safe to share at any level I chose, and had some unexpected conversations on topics I didn’t know I’d talk about. I enjoyed meeting some of the men that my husband spends a lot of time with and my anxiety about how much these strangers (to Me) know about my life through him was attended to.”


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Dates for 2020:  There are currently no dates planned for 2020


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The details for each Holding Heart event are pertinent only to that event. We will update details when an event is planned. 


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