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Essentially Men provides you with powerful resources for your journey of personal discovery and growth.

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Men Being Real

Man Hiking in Nature

Men on the Mountain
Mt Pirongia, Waikato

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Get Off the Concrete
Lake Taupo

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Empower Our Men


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I would recommend this programme for any man, from any background. You have nothing in your life until you tap into your inner self through the EM workshop.

March 2021

Men Being Real

Image by Felix Serre

If you want to see and feel what getting in touch with your emotions is like, then this course delivers. 

March 2021

Men Being Real

Father and Son

Life changing programme for the men of this world that feel they have lost their place in society. Men Being Real will empower you to reclaim your power and step into your role as a modern day man. June 2022

Men Being Real

At the Beach

MBR is the antidote to the statistics we see for our Tane.  It's emphasis on connection, vulnerability & ritual is compelling & healing & what our nation needs!

June 2022

Men Being Real