Invitation to Elderhood


We invite you to continue (or begin) the journey to elderhood.

When obstacles beset your way

Overcome rather than conquer

Walk above instead of under

Step around rather than through

Embrace love, wisdom and power

To walk the path of the truth. 

Barry Brailsford

One aspect of elderhood is bringing balance and understanding into your life by embracing love, wisdom and power. 

Although an infant becomes a child simply by aging, a person cannot become an elder by simply becoming older. Rather, there is something metaphysical involved: something philosophical and spiritual that is required. Old age alone doesn't make the elder. Michael Meade


What's covered

This event is a facilitated gathering; a cross between a gathering and a workshop. As everyone's elderhood journey is unique, you will explore your journey through circle work, workshops, ritual, poetry, music and humour. There are no definitions required. 


Who's it for?

All men 55 plus who are part of the Essentially Men Network or who have experienced personal development with men in groups are welcome at this event. 



The elder's journey is one of service to yourself and others. It is a great journey that takes you beyond the fragile ego to another way of being. Elderhood may even ask the question: how do you want it to be in the later years of your life; to live a life of ease and grace, and have a sense of the sacred. 

Some may want to express this by being an active Elder in service to your community, the Essentially Men community or Pathways to Manhood community. 

There are many songs in the land

But only one is born of you

Celebrate your uniqueness

Dance its colours and its tune

Dare to be the difference

That makes the difference.

Barry Brailsford



Dates for 2020: Due to Covid-19 this workshop has been postponed until 27 - 29 November 2020 


This workshop is now full. 



The Invitation to Elderhood is held at the Sharda Centre, 15 Percy Graham Drive (off Harrisville Road) Tuakau. 

The gathering will start at 5.30pm with an Opening Ceremony. You are invited to arrive anytime on Friday if you are able to help with set up. Dinner will be at 6.30pm. 

The Closing Ceremony will be after lunch on Sunday.


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