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Older Men's Circle 
The Meeting of the Tuatara

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This is a gathering of Older Men who wish to join with others to share the journey of the latter stages of their life. As companions on this journey, we use the Tuatara as our patron and metaphor.  One of the world's oldest and noble creatures. 

"if you have entered the domain of the Tuatara, you have come to a significant knowledge, the sacred lore held within the palm of the universe."
Barry Brailsford

What's covered
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This is a co-created open space gathering where discussions and workshops will emerge to meet the focus of the men that attend.  There will be morning circles and time to reflect and enter into deep discussions and celebrate fierce friendships.  As everyone's journey is unique, you will explore your journey through circle work, workshops, ritual, poetry, music and humour.  There are no definitions required.


Who's it for?
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This gathering is open to all men 55 plus who want to re-imagine their journey in the company of good men. Men who are experienced in EM you are most welcome to invite friends and men outside of the EM circle. The only experience required is experience.


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I'd like to age gracefully

and do all the things I like

Like eating biscuits while in bed

And riding naked on my bike

I think as we grown older

Then some things are left behind

Some with regret I have to say

But I think there's greater peace of mind

There's a returning to the playful

And an opening of eyes

Even if your energies

Are sometimes compromised

So, lets all grow old gracefully

And let the young ones say

The day that I am older 

I want to be that way.

David Keig

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Dates for 2023:  May 18 - 21


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The Older Men's Circle is held at the Sharda Centre, 15 Percy Graham Drive (off Harrisville Road) Tuakau. 

Meals : Bring food for a shared meal.

A more comprehensive letter will be sent to participants closer to the time on what to bring and other information. 

The gathering will start at 5.30pm with an Opening Ceremony. You are invited to arrive anytime on Thursday if you are able to help with set up and spend some time in the lovely Sharda grounds . Dinner will be at 6.30pm. 

The Closing Ceremony will be after lunch on Sunday.


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We recognise men have differing financial circumstances. If money is a problem contact us as there are a number of financial support and sponsorship opportunities available. 

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