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Pathways - Elders

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We warmly invite you to join us on the journey that is Pathways to Elderhood, actively embedded within the context of the Pathways to Manhood experience. Together, we will create a transformative, experiential, personal and collective enquiry. 


Join with us as we step through a perpetual doorway that will reveal the possibilities that lie within... as each of us proceed from those years of commitment to children and family; and the labour to provide for them.  


What's covered
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We will ask the questions of ourselves: 

  • "Outside of this role and story that I have created ... Who am I really?"


  • "While honouring that of which is real and sustaining ... What is it that I now need to let go of?"


  • "As I journey toward the next stage of my life's experience... Who do I choose to accompany me?"

For you this may be an invitation to experience the reflection of your authentic voice; the gift of your affirmation and life's experience and to be seen and validated within an ancient Rite of Passage. 



Who's it for?
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If you are male and over 50 years of age you are invited to join us in the Circle of Elders and share in the embrace of laughter and companionship that is Pathways to Elderhood.


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Dates for 2022: Due to Covid-19 we have had to cancel Pathways for 2022.

Circle of new Elders is limited to six.  


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Pathways takes place at a site in the Waitakere Ranges close to Auckland. 

All meals are included with vegetarian and non vegetarian options available. Unfortunately we are not able to cater to all dietary requirements. If you require a specific diet, please ensure you have food that can be supplemented by the food offered.


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