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Pathways - Firekeepers 

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Pathway's youth have the opportunity to return the following year as young leaders in training, with their own stepped leadership programme and hold a key role as 'elder brothers', supporting the new youth, exemplifying the Pathways culture, and providing assistance with many day-to-day camp duties. Returning is an opportunity for them to continue their own personal development while also being in service to the wider camp.

The ‘Fire-Keeper’ role is a parallel process that links with the youth, fathers and facilitators. It is a training programme in it’s own right. It is a chance to step up, be seen and have a stronger voice in the world.


What's covered
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The Firekeeper programme offers leadership training opportunities for the young men who wish to return in future years.



Who's it for?
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Firekeepers are Pathways Youth from the previous year's course.  


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This is a chance to contribute back to the Pathways programme in a role that involves being a mentor to the new Pathways' youth. There are limited places each year, with priority going to those who can proactively communicate a keenness to step up and be of service.


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Dates for 2022:  Due to Covid-19 we have had to cancel Pathways for 2022


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Pathways takes place at a site in the Waitakere Ranges close to Auckland . 

All meals are included with vegetarian and non vegetarian options available. Unfortunately we are not able to cater to all dietary requirements. If you require a specific diet, please ensure you have food that can be supplemented by the food offered.


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