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Young Men Being Real

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Do you find some emotions difficult?

Perhaps you feel that buried inside you is burning anger, or sadness, or a lack of self-worth. Or maybe you don’t really feel anything - just a bit numb or dead inside. It can be really hard to know how to handle these sorts of emotions. We know what that is like. And this course is designed to help with that.

One of the key questions of the course is “what does it mean to be a man?” It’s a surprisingly tough question to answer these days. And there are a lot of bad answers too. It can feel like there isn’t a map on how to be a man in the world – no common points in the journey to adulthood. Nothing magic happens to us when we turn 18, or 21, or ever. So what does it actually mean?

We think part of being a man is learning to connect to yourself and your inner strength and power. If the words “inner strength and power” don’t mean anything to you – we totally understand that. Murray and I are young men too, and have had our fair share of shit to deal with in our lives - both internal and external! But there are some tools that have helped me handle my emotions more than anything else has. These are the tools we will be exploring on this course.


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Who's it for?
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If you’re looking for a clear, dictated answer, you probably won’t find it here. What you WILL find is a series of processes that aim to help you leave with:

  • A deeper understanding of yourself and your relationship to others

  • An ability to stand independently in the world and stay true to yourself

  • A clearer sense of direction and what guides your life

It is definitely an ongoing journey to discover what it means to stand as men in the world; it’s a journey we’d like to invite you on. 


Men between the ages of 18 and 25


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There are no plans to offer Young Men Being Real in 2022.

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The workshop is residential and will be held at Karanga Camp, 79 Te Henga Road, Swanson, Auckland


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