Young Men Being Real

What is it like to be a young man in New Zealand?

It is a time of transition for masculinity and young men in Western culture. Some of the norms of previous generations are now under scrutiny and it can be a confusing and challenging time especially for young men as they adapt to the new norms as well as handle the fall out from the past. On top of this there is the challenges of a technological era that provides easy access to the likes of social media and pornography and yet a the same times helps promote isolation as people can interact and yet never physically meet.

Male youth tend to be over represented in acts of violence, suicide, risk taking and anti social attitudes and behaviour. We hear from young men and concerned parents how they are struggling with

  • mental health and depression

  • addiction – porn, drugs, alcohol, sexual

  • isolation – disconnection, 

  • parents

  • relationships

  • employment

  • direction

  • violence, anger, acting out

The transition from child to adult is a point of significant change in all our lives and more specifically in this case from boy to man. But what does that mean?

The answer to this question will be different depending on who you ask; the journey to get there marked by numerous mile stones that don’t have a common point between each of us.

For the majority of the Western world this transition from child to adult happens overnight on the day you turned 18. We would hazard a guess however, that there was no miraculous change to you on the morning of your 18th birthday; that you were still the same person and felt no different to the day before.

So again what does it mean to be an adult man in this world?

Once you complete your compulsory education then what? What are we meant to do next?


What's covered

We are in no way able to give you a snapshot answer to the above questions. If you’re looking for a clear dictated answer then that isn’t what we are offering you. What we will aim to do is explore what being a man is by exploring what it is to be each of you.​


If you feel like this is something that speaks to you, then we welcome you to come and join us.


Who's it for?

If you are a young man between the ages of 18 and 25 or know of a young man that age then Young Men Being Real could be of interest to you.

If you want support in living a life with more richness and the beginnings of finding out who you are as a man then this course is for you. Positive change is very much under your control if you want it to be. 



It is hoped that through a series of processes over the course you will leave with

  • a feeling of deep understanding of yourself and your relationship to others

  • a feeling of being prepared to stand independently in the world and stay true to yourself

  • a clearer sense of direction to move forward with.​




Dates for 2020: September 10 - 13, 2020



The Young Men Being Real workshop is residential and held at the Karanga Campsite, 79 Te Henga Road, Waitakere Ranges


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