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Men's Groups

Growing Connection through Authentic Listening and Sharing


Forget the dated stereotypes that come to mind when you hear the words “men’s group”. They come from ideas thrown up by the media that don’t relate to men’s isolation. It’s part of our national upbringing that says, “be a man”, “toughen up” and squash anything unmanly in yourself by ridiculing it in others. But the reality of committing to a well-functioning men’s group is very different.


"Alienation is one of the faces of modern masculinity. The cure is communication and community – new sense of togetherness. By opening up to each other we reduce the pressure of being alone and exiled.” 

(From “Of Water and the Spirit” by Malidoma Somé.)

This comment speaks to the essence of what men are gaining out of men’s groups. The exile of traditional male conditioning is ended by surrendering to the experience of simply being with men on the journey of life.

We prefer building Men’s Groups with men who already have some form of connection with each other, rather than just throwing together a group of diverse men and expecting them to somehow magically ‘bond’ together. The Men Being Real weekend workshop does exactly this and more, including being an essential catalyst for personal development to enable everyone to function well in such groups.

Having created a ‘brotherhood’ together over the course of the weekend, many men then want to stay connected with one another for mutual support and companionship. We assist them with this by facilitating an Integration Programme, one evening per week for 5-6 weeks inclusive of original workshop fee, to help them create and manage their own Men’s Group.

Being in a Men’s Group can benefit you in many ways:

• Having men who will help you or give you honest feedback.
• Having people who will support you and celebrate your achievement every step of the way.
• Having a circle of men to discuss things you might be unable to discuss with anyone else.
• Being challenged and kept accountable to your commitments.
• A place where you don’t have to defend yourself and compete with men.
• A place to have fun and learn about real lifelong friendship.


Over time you’ll develop a shared history and culture. This is a men’s group. It’s about coming home to yourself and community. And it’s a place from which to form an equal partnership with women.


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