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Karanga Camp Te Henga Road, Swanson, Auckland, New Zealand


Thursday night - Sunday afternoon Residential

Old Blokes

About the Course

Old Blokes is a weekend of exploration, connection, fun and laughter for older men. It is our dream time, a time to examine the stories we have told ourselves and lived by, and to envision a future based on how we want to be. For some, new visions and dreams will emerge, wrestled free and released from the shackles and dogma of the past. For others, affirming and celebrating our existing paths will be the satisfying choice. Either way - we hope to have lotsa fun!

The event is a facilitated gathering; a cross between a gathering and a workshop. As everyone's journey is unique, you will have opportunity to explore your journey through circle work, workshops, ritual, poetry, music and humour.

For Men 55+


$240 payable with registration


April 18 - 21, 2024

We recognise men have differing financial circumstances. If money is a problem contact us as there are a number of financial support and sponsorship opportunities available.

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