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Men Being Bold

About the Course

It is a chance for you:
- to be able to stand in your ground,
- to know who you are and to be able to take full responsibility for all that you do and say,
- to gain an understanding and to try and free yourself from the tangled relationship with your mother,
- to gain an understanding of your deeply rooted patterns that stem from your boyhood and how you unconsciously bring these threads into your present relationship,
- to extend and more fully address the work on the mother/son relationship that we dip into on the Men Being Real Weekend,
- to explore how to have deeper, stronger love relationships.

Some of the outcomes from this workshop may be:
- A greater capacity to be honest, alive and expressive in your relationships
- More understanding of the threads that bind you to your mother and how they play out in your life
- Insights into what you uniquely bring to relationships
- Strategies to help move through conflict
- Increased awareness of issues of power and intimacy

Men Being Bold is for any man who has completed the Men Being Real/Essentially Men workshop and is interested in continuing their journey of personal development. The workshop will explore how your mother/son patterns impacts your intimate relationships.


Bella Rakha Retreat Centre & Creative Venue 581 West Coast Road, Oratia, Auckland, New Zealand


$100.00 Deposit on Registration
$640.00 Early Bird (if paid in full one month prior to event)
$695.00 Full Price
$347.50 Gold Card, Community Services Card or Student ID



We recognise men have differing financial circumstances. If money is a problem contact us as there are a number of financial support and sponsorship opportunities available.


Thursday night - Sunday afternoon Residential

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