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Warren Phillip

For a long time I had wanted to connect more with my wife and children and did not know how to. My work with EM has given me the experiences and tools to have richer and deeper connections with my golden ones ... more than I ever thought was possible.' 


Chris Levitt

The complete experience for any man wishing to experience more self empowerment. An exciting and empowering journey that left me feeling revitalized.”

Paul-Reet (1).jpg

Paul Reet

I would highly recommend this workshop to men who are on a journey and who want to experience being real and vulnerable with other men. It helped me rediscover my purpose as a man.”


Donald Pettitt

I found some giant shoulders to stand on.”



The EM weekend gave me the confidence to express the whole range of emotions as a man and no longer be restricted to the streotype of a Kiwi male. I saw that it is OK for a man to be loving, nurturing and caring to others in his life, and that I am not alone in life's journey.' 

Alistair Lane

Sign on for Essentially Men and get to know yourself. Release your demons from the past and capture a way to fulfill your life going forward. On a score of 1-10 (10 being excellent), Essentially Men is 12/10!”


Cowan Pettigrew

If you are ready for/need personal growth in your life, then you simply must go to EM. It’s a game changer". 



Pathways is a week spent in the jungle of your 'father son relationship' where you cut back the vines and creepers, create a clearing, and look with new eyes at your teenage son, and allow yourself to see the emerging adult man.

Michael Pead

“A well structured course, engineered successfully to understand yourself better and therefore enhance the potential to realise your best.”

Tom Poland, 

Founder and Director, Entrepreneurs Success Program

“Essentially Men was without question the most transformational weekend of my life. In 37 years of attending personal development workshops, courses and programmes including many that required a 5 figure investment, nothing has come close to the feelings of liberation, confidence and freedom I experienced from Essentially Men.” 

Shane McBirney

‘EM is my well – this is where I have come back to over the last 21 years to quench my thirst…it’s been a life changing experience’ 

Paul Sluyter

“A powerful and incredible weekend for men run by a team of experienced facilitators. Tap into parts of yourself you didn’t know were there. Expect to leave feeling lighter and rejuvenated. If man was a car, then EM is a fuel injector flush.”

David Cox

“If you want to regain the truth, dignity and power of being a man…Attend!!”

John Humphrey

“Incredibly powerful, moving and meaningful. Reached through the mind to your core, your heart and soul.”

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