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Carrying the weight - a metaphor. 

By Mark Bradman

Here’s just ONE reason for attending the Men Being Real workshop :

“Boy, you gotta carry that weight
Carry that weight a long time…”
– The Beatles, circa 1969


The average single-seated kayak weighs around 20-25kgs, an amount easily carried by most able-bodied men. The only problem is that kayaks are typically around 3-4 metres long and around three-quarters of a metre wide – making them what I might describe as being ‘awkward’ to carry on my own.

But, do you know what? Most have carry-handles front and back. This design enables you and I to carry our kayaks together infinitely easier than if we walked to the water’s edge both trying to carry our ‘burdens’ on our own!

This is one of the most important things I’ve learnt from Essentially Men – no matter how heavy our individual burdens may be, it’s much easier and more fun to carry them together!!!…


This is not an easy lesson to learn, especially if you’ve been indoctrinated from birth that you have to prove your manhood every day by doing all the ‘heavy lifting’ yourself…If you’re a man, perhaps, this is the right time for you to ‘share your burdens’ with other men? or If you’re a woman, perhaps you can pass this article onto a man you might know who could be ‘burdened by life’?

Mark Bradman is a member of the Essentially Men Education Trust Network and previously worked for the Trust as the Programme and Marketing Coordinator

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