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Payments for Workshops

Payments for Workshops  

We recognise men have differing financial circumstances. If money is a problem contact us as there are a number of financial support and sponsorship opportunities available.

Heartbeat Winter Retreat

Heartbeat is like a fireside chat during winter in the hearth of good men.

The men of Get Off The Concrete (the summer gathering) realised years ago that a year was a long time to wait between gatherings. Out of this realisation came "Heartbeat", a mid-winter indoor gathering. As a “beat of the GOTC heart” it is aimed to help men stay connected and provides an additional place for men to connect on a heart level. It takes place over a 3 day weekend in winter in West Auckland.

Heartbeat is like a large Men’s Group, meeting in a soulful way to foster connections, deepen community, share dreams and visions, reflecting together on the challenges and triumphs of our lives.

If you are part of the Essentially Men network or you have experienced personal growth in men’s groups you are invited to attend this weekend where we gather in a hall around a fireplace to warm our spirits and bones. Here we will develop our capacity to meet as groups of men, deepening connections, sharing our hearts, and learning from each other. When the sun comes out there will be opportunity to take advantage of the great outdoors.

Register here for the Heartbeat Winter gathering.

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