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Pathways to Manhood

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Boys need a Powerful Transition to Manhood

Your teenage boy is engaged in the most exciting and challenging time of his life. He is forging his own identity at the same time entering into a new territory of risk that can involve peer pressure, loneliness, drugs, cars, alcohol, pregnancy and violence. Without contact with good men, he runs the risk of building a male identity based on superficial images borrowed from media heroes and his peers.

Pathways to Manhood is a boy’s rites of passage programme, run by men, that creates a dynamic powerful experience for the young men to grow safely and true to themselves. Begun in 2002, it’s an exciting inner and outer adventure of lasting impact for the over 5 days in a location in the Waitakeres. All boys are accompanied by a significant male from the lives (e.g. father, uncle, stepfather, grandfather, family, friend – or a mentor that Essentially Men can arrange).

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