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Pathways to Manhood is a boy’s rites of passage programme, run by men, that creates a dynamic powerful experience for the young men to grow safely and true to themselves. Begun in 2002, it’s an exciting inner and outer adventure of lasting impact for the over 4 days in a remote coastal setting. All boys are accompanied by a significant male from their lives (e.g. father, uncle, stepfather, grandfather, family, friend) – or a mentor that Essentially Men can arrange.

Within the Pathways to Manhood framework there is also a programme for returning Youth (Firekeepers) and a Pathways to Elderhood for men over 50 years of age.

Dates for 2022 :

April 19 - 23 Pathways to Manhood
April 18 - 23 Firekeepers (Returning Youth)
April 17 - 23 Pathways to Elderhood

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