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A selection of articles and video on topics related to Men, Boys and Masculinity

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Mark Bradman is a member of the Essentially Men Education Trust Network and previously worked for the Trust as the Programme and Marketing Coordinator. He has written several articles for EM that you can access by clicking each link below:

"Anger as an Energy"

"Carrying the Weight - a metaphor"

"Dealing with Grief"

"I'm just not needy enough"

"How are ya? Good?"

"Managing Anger"

"Male Isolation"

"Mr Fix It"

"Men and Suicide"

"Over 50 YO Men count too!"

"Why Men need Mens Groups"

Frank Hayes

Frank Hayes is a Psychologist who has been working with men, children, and families for over 25 years.  Frank’s full time private practice, Frank Hayes Psychology, is based at Medplus Family Medical Centre, Hauraki Corner, Takapuna. 

"Becoming a Father"

Steven Dromgool

Steven Dromgool founded RELATE Counselling with a vision to see couples connect in powerful, loving relationships.  His approach is to empower couples with tools to communicate effectively so that they can feel safe, loved and desired.  Steven holds a Masters degree in Counselling and is a certified Imago Relationship Therapist.

"Essentially Men from a Counselling perspective"

Matthew Mold

A Big Thank You to Matthew Mold for helping us better understand depression by courageously sharing with us his own experience of it.

"Finding a way through Depression"

Verity Thom

Verity Thom is an Auckland psychologist who is a relationship and sex therapist at CoupleWork a private practice with her husband and fellow psychologist, Nic Beets. Verity also works as a consultant on all aspects of business relationships including brand, customer and organisation.

"How Essentially Men has helped my family and clients."

Dr. Luke Sniewski

Dr Luke Sniewski is a Well Being Coach and Somatic Therapist.  

"Owning my space through connection."

Noa Gross

Noa Gross is a Psychodrama & Art Therapist practitioner since 1999, working in My Feelings Counselling, a private clinic now in Melbourne, Australia.

"Oy Vey! My child is Gay!"

Anne Bailey

Anne Bailey is an international facilitator, educator and author. She is also the founder and director of Co-operacy.

"Why Counsellors attend the Essentially Men Weekend Course" 

Brett George

Brett George is a consultant psychologist, counsellor, trainer & supervisor, in full time private practice & consultancy for over 20 years.

"What to look for in a Therapist"

Radio Interviews

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Men's Groups


The following links provide information that could be helpful for your men's group:


Reading List

The following is a suggested reading list for men based on the recommendations of Rex McCann and the Essentially Men team.

You can order a book from Amazon and support the work of Essentially Men at the same time, by clicking on the title of the linked books. A percentage of the Amazon sale will go to Essentially Men.

Recommended Reading List

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