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Our Promise to You...

For the Men Being Real Workshop

Thousands of men from all over New Zealand have found the Men Being Real workshop to be a powerful catalyst for renewal and change, and you will too. This is our promise. If you are not satisfied with your weekend experience, we will give you your money back.

The Men Being Real workshop and six-week Integration programme will give you access to:

  • Recognition of how and why you isolate yourself and greater confidence of the gifts you bring to your relationships with others

  • Greater confidence in creating strong relationships with other men that go beyond the superficial

  • An ability to talk about how you feel, to listen more deeply and to build intimacy with others

  • Reduced need for emotional over-dependence on others, a greater ability to meet your own needs for emotional well-being

  • A more positive masculine identity

  • An ability to reframe your relationship with your father

  • Support for managing a desire for control, for depressive feelings, frustration, inappropriate expressions of anger 

  • Greater ability to manage challenges in relationship and family life

  • A place to answer questions of "Who am I?" and "Where am I going with my life?" and a healthier way to manage life's transitions.


Exposing ourselves to change may feel like a risk on a number of levels and ultimately it is up to each of us to make the change we want for ourselves.  The purpose of this promise is to remove any question of financial risk.  If you have fully engaged with the weekend process and you are not satisfied with your Men Being Real experience we will give you your money back.


Simply click on the link to email  THE TRUSTEES within 7 days of completing the workshop and tell us why.  We'll be in touch promptly.

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