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The Community List

Your invitation to join The Community List


This is an invitation to connect with other men who have already completed the weekend programme. It’s an initiative from the Trustees to create a more dynamic connection between all the men in the network.  By joining this email list you can now connect with anyone right across EMET network by using the services of a private Google Group email.

We use it to stay in touch between our gatherings.

It’s a way for men in community to create connection with each other by talking about what’s up, without necessarily going through the Hub. It offers you self-expression on a wide range of topics and initiatives which could include:

  • Discussions on men’s issues

  • Reflections, Information, Milestones

  • Events, Barbeques, Reminders

  • Celebrations, Births, Deaths

  • Calls for GOTC workshops

  • Growing and Supporting the network

  • Projects, Moving house, Room to rent

  • Service at the Hub, Sponsorship, Fundraising 

  • Marketing, Promotion, Job offers, Looking for jobs

  • Tramping, Expeditions, Journeys, Invitations, Fishing

  • Poetry, Music, Rituals, Adventures, Life.

This is a private closed email list for use by men in the network only. The list works a bit like a Men’s Sharing Circle.

If you would like be a member of this list first read the Tikanga. These are the guidelines that govern how the Community List operates. It’s about keeping in connection with other men, inner-work and growth. We are not necessarily unified in our approaches to life, and this is what makes this platform informative and sometimes challenging.

The single unifying factor is that most of us have been on the Men Being Real weekend programme or have experience of being in a Men’s Group of some kind.

Welcome to a new way of staying in connection.

Call us if you have any questions: G on 021 780 064 

or email us on

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